Indoor design

Modularity of the Volumes and Customization of the Designs

The architecture of the places and the aesthetic aspect are essential components to the environmental quality of the meals.

Compact, the Thermal Equipments have the particularity to offer an industrial flexibility being modulable and customizable according to the spaces of the Hotellery (room service, buffet-gueridon,), Communities (mobile buffets), Restaurants (new original concepts), Catering (transports).

Modularity: The technique limits the thickness of the porcelain and the functional part madeof pieces of molding allowsto work forms (concave forms to keep warm sauces, soups,... ) and volumes (different sizes of buffets according to the number of the heat units and their layout on the Rollingtable)

Customization: on the finishing of the support and frame, one or numerouslidsand on the porcelain design

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Functionality & Architecture

are combined

to create harmony at the mealtime.

Indoor & Outdoor