What's the Alungo innovation ?

A 'new generation' of Thermal Equipments: How do they work?

The "slowdown of the cooling by conduction" is a new application of the cooling by conduction and the warmth propagation in materials.It has as particularity to diffuse gentle warmth through the food set in the Half-closed Thermal Equipments when they are disconnected from the electric sector. The duration of the autonomy and the degree of the food temperature are "Under automatic control" during the transport, the presentation and the service at the place of consumption. The results are constant and accurate to ensure automaticaly the chain of the hot meals above 63 (in the HACCP standards) *(patented EP& PCT pending)

A technical progress

dedicated to the food

What's the technicaladvantage compared tothe current means?
The spread of the heat in appliances working by "convection", "radiation" or "induction" do not produce thermal inertia and the heat produced by convection and/or radiation is dispersing into the air before reaching the food, thereby these devices must remain closed or connected to the electric sector.

On the other hand, the Alungo's Thermal Equipments spread a quantifiable heat through the foods set in semi-closed equipment and disconnected offering a programmable autonomy and a guaranteed level of temperature.

No flame, no boiling water, no implements in the service room.




What are the main benefits?

Maintenance of the Chain of Warm, in the Mobility

Ecological and Sociological logistic

HACCP Health Standards

Industrial Modularity

Energy Efficiency


Public Safety

For the first time